Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re doing well and enjoying the most summery weather so far! I am enjoying it for sure, except I got a bit overenthusiastic with it and as a result got a cold. You’re not allowed to take any drugs except paracetamol, and nose decongestants when pregnant (only two times a day for a regular nasal spray) unless its saline one-which for me doesn’t do anything.

Anyhows, today’s blog is going to be unusual, not so much about pregnancy generally or what is going on with my pregnancy, but more information-based. I have recently decided to be a Chairman of the ‘Netmums’ Meetup Group for Chelsea area. In case you’ve never heard of www.netmums.com, please check it out, it is an amazing forum for parents/mothers to be and is largest in the United Kingdom. Any question you may have on parenting or pregnancy I can almost guarantee will have an answer on this site.
Luckily and proudly, I have been accepted. I’ve yet to arrange a meet up and hence have been researching different places in Chelsea- which are pram and child friendly. If you happen to know of any such place, please do let me know as well.
I’ve also been thinking of ideas of what we will do during a meet up. ‘Netmums’ suggest meeting up and just chatting, however it would be nice to have a guest speaker of a parenting book or something more upbeat and interesting like that. I’m also in search for that sort of person and opportunity, if anyone has any ideas please do let me know as well.

‘Netmums’ also provides Aldi supermarket diapers samples for giving out at the meetup, so that’s another exciting little feature for a meetup. Anyhows for anyone wishing to come to the upcoming meet-up, or if you have any suggestions, ideas, once again, I’ll be very happy to hear those. Please join the facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/NetmumsChelsea/. Thank you for listening, have a great day J.