Happy Monday! Hope you’re all doing great and continuing feeling happy and positive like I am. Today’s post is about memories and keeping them alive. Some mothers are very obsessive about having a professional photographer throughout every step of their pregnancy and thereafter, others just want to have that one unforgettable maternity photoshoot. Whatever it is, I do think it is important to have one professional photoshoot to honour your delightful bump and thereafter, when your child is born and older.
So keeping that in mind I have set out to find the best photographer London can offer for the photoshoot of my life.  Do keep in mind though, that you shouldn’t leave it too late, as then your bump will be larger and you may be more swollen/bigger generally, so I would say ideal time for shoot would be 6-7 months of pregnancy.
I have spent more than a day looking at different photos of pregnancy/children photographers and many seemed alright, but I wasn’t necessarily blown away. Reluctantly, I have contacted one of the said photographers to arrange a photoshoot, when one of my friends recommended a lady named Victoria.
I have looked at her website and was instantly wowed! Her photos are creative, romantic and have that magazine quality that many of us dream of. They also look like stylish, fine-art paintings at the same time, which Victoria rightly calls them on her website. This lady is pure perfection especially if you want a pregnancy or “children/family” type photoshoot. Moreover, the prices are very reasonable. You can judge by yourself by looking at the links with examples of her work https://www.facebook.com/richmondstudio/and http://www.richmondstudio.co.uk.
You do need to book her 1 month in advance and you can also book a separate make up artist/hair stylist on the day if you so wish.
My photoshoot with her went amazingly well, she has a very calming effect, gives great instructions, listens you want to achieve as well, has a rail of amazing outfits for you to wear (you can bring your own or use the ones she has available)- which makes you relax, trust and have fun. You also don’t have to ‘work’ the camera for a very long time (I know how quickly you pregnant ladies can get tired), in just 1 hr she can produce most amazing photos, that you would want to show off and put around in frames all over your house.
I can’t praise this lovely lady enough, as I already mentioned you can judge the photos yourself on my instagram feed (Mum_in_Chelsea) and on the links provided earlier. What I can promise you is this, I’m definitely not the type of person who would just promote something for a gain or to further someone, I’m hard to please and if I like something ‘once in a blue moon’ than it is really special and I would definitely share it with you J.  Let me know what you decide with the photoshoot, perhaps share your photos as well. Happy shooting!!