Happy Monday everyone! Today’s blog will be a bit short as I’m too busy enjoying the weather! I have only 3 weeks left till I give birth and it is scary times, however the sun is shining so I’m happy! Everything has been running smoothly pregnancy wise, except one thing-flight legs. In this late stage in pregnancy I now experience quite tense, water-retained, ‘flight’ legs- which now resemble fat and juicy chicken drumsticks.

I have been very demanding towards my husband and asking him to massage my legs from time to time, nevermind their embarrassing, cellulite, drumstick look at the moment. However, he is not able to do it daily and half day, so I have been very lucky to come across an app called ‘urban massage’. This is not a promotional blog and I was never a fan of massages, but now I absolutely need them. They cost only 50 pounds for an hour and there are many, many discounts for referring friends and family, and of course they have ‘pregnancy massage’. I have been using them couple of times already and am very happy with the results. My legs feel freer and more rested thanks to those massages.
You can choose a male or female therapist, see their ratings, photos and reviews. They come with their own table and massage equipment. Punctual and I haven’t had a bad massage so far. So I’m very happy with this new discovery. I’ve also ordered compression/flight socks from Amazon to hopefully ease the tension in my legs further. As they haven’t arrived yet, I can’t comment on how much they help yet.
Another thing I realised that I need is a pregnancy band, to lift the tummy and give a bit more comfort. The one I got from Amazon, does help, but it is very minimal, so I haven’t found an amazing one as of yet. If you know one that is not bulky, seamless and easily hidden under a body hugging dress, please suggest.
Finally, I decided to update my blog with the information of an amazing cooling gel that further helps my tense legs. It is called ‘Lucky Legs’-Cooling Leg gel by Mama Mio. Let me know if you’ve tried it. 

That’s all folks today. Hope you’re keeping well and if not so well, you know you can always urban massage it J.