Hello my darlings, hope you are having a festive & happy mood in readiness for Christmas celebrations. I know many people stress out the most during this period as there is so little time and so much that needs doing, but at the end of the day, it is about togetherness, warmth, rest, fun and food- and that’s hopefully easy and gives you a little bit of comfort J.

So today, I wanted to discuss the two routes that you can go privately at Chelsea Westminster Hospital (Kensington Wing): Midwife-led care and Consultant-led care. Bear in mind that, there will also be a separate cost for additional stuff such as:
1. Blood Tests including Harmony Test
 2. Epidural/Medication Costs
3. Ultrasound scans
4. Antenatal ward admissions
5. Blood Products
6. Histopathology
7. Additional procedures including surgical removal of placenta
…and of course the use of the facilities at the Kensington Wing.

Midwife-led care covers dating scan, nuchal scan, anomaly scan, wellbeing scan
http://www.thekensingtonwing.co.uk/birth-options/midwife-led-care/and the actual birth/delivery. From what I gathered, Midwife-led care is used mainly by someone, who wants a vaginal delivery and doesn’t mind delivery by an experience professional, who is not a qualified doctor, so I guess something similar to a nurse.  It is a good route for someone who has an uncomplicated, normal pregnancy and desires a vaginal birth.

All patients admitted to the Kensington Wing are admitted to standard room and are also given the choice to upgrade to the Kensington Wing Suite. Unfortunately, I don’t have the prices for Kensington Wing delivery with Midwife-led care (as that’s not the route I have chosen and thus haven’t been sent documentation related to that), but I presume they would be similar to the Consultant-led care, as you are still paying for the facilities of the Kensington Wing.

Consultant-led care package for Kensington Wing vaginal delivery costs £5,665, and for C-Section (elective) it costs £7,225. So just to reiterate, this is in addition to the Midwife-Led care, which costs approximately between £8,000 and £9,000. On the actual Kensington wing website it also says the following ‘Should any problems arise during your pregnancy, your midwife will refer you to one of our consultant obstetricians. If there are any complications during your labour, we will contact our on-call team for support’. All the information I am sharing is in fact taken either from their site or from the documentation sent to me in relation to the Consultant-led care.

In terms of Consultants, they are viewed as more qualified, are obstetrician-doctors with loads of qualifications/experience. You can choose your Consultant or Midwife from their website http://www.thekensingtonwing.co.uk/consultants-midwives/ and meet and greet most of them for free. However, some of the consultants who are more ‘famous’ would require a fee for the initial consultation. Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston for instance was the Dr who delivered Prince George, so he only does consultations and I presume gets pretty booked up due to his reputation. Consultants costs’ range approximately between  £6,000 and  £7,000 for vaginal care and approximately between £8,000 and £9,000 for elective c-section. So, this again is in addition to using facilities of Kensington Care, prices already quoted above.

In terms of the Consultant-led care, similar items are separate costs as for the Midwife-led care: All blood tests including Harmony Test, Hospital costs, Anaesthetist costs and Medication costs (but I do think it varies slightly from consultant to consultant).  In your package you do get around 11 appointments of scans and general check up/consultations, 24hrs personal mobile number, postnatal check-up, delivery either elective C-section or vaginal.

This has become an incredibly long post, and I promise I will keep it shorter next time J so as not to bore you. So long till next Monday, when I’ll be talking about Harmony Test and the all-important Weight Gain Issue controversy.