Happy Tuesday everyone! I know you have seen the crazy snow coming out today, it was truly unbelievable and magical. ‘Beast from the East’ they called it, and I thought it was a joke and laughed in it’s face, as in London it didn’t seem that bad at all…that is-until about 3:45pm.  It started snowing insanely, super fast, very cold and super wet. I’m not even sure what type of clothes you are meant to wear for weather like this, you need a rain coat and fur coat in one it seems. Don’t know how you all handled it, I just watched it through my window in total dismay. 😁
I had quite a stressful/unexpected week these days, hence why I delayed writing my blog. I had a fight with my brother on Friday, which has led to me being so upset that I was crying non-stop for probably two hours. We all know that it is a complete no-no to be upset when you are pregnant as this sadness travels to your baby and can affect their health/development. Nevertheless, that is what happened. On Sunday, I had much more bloody (brownish) discharge than ever in my pregnancy. My liner was almost full this time so I had to contact my consultant about it straight away. I sent her an email with the photo of my liner and explanation and notified her by text as well. She came back to me quite quickly and said that I should go to Kensington Wing and have it checked out with a stand-in consultant as she wasn’t available this Saturday.
I diligently bought my liner for examination. They did a blood pressure check, baby heart beat check, contractions check (on special monitor) and panty liner check. Everything seemed fine, they didn’t find anything wrong with me and the baby so have sent me home.
My consultant was available on Monday so we arranged an appointment to also do internal examination of cervix and placenta. She checked it with two types of tools, the one that is short and wide (same one doctors use for smear tests) and the other that looks like a long dildo (I hate them but what can you do 😭). Cervix seemed to be just fine. Then we did the scan to check the baby and placenta. And that’s where we discovered to our big surprise where the blood was coming from.
I had a small placenta ‘tissue’, which is medically referred to as ‘accessory lobe’. It affects 2 in 2000 women, so it very rare. It serves no purpose and does not harm the baby. The baby is fed from the main placenta, the other one is just there nearby, very small tissue, not connected to the baby. The only problem with it is that it bleeding can trigger early labour and also during delivery time, there is a high risk of extra haemorrhage (but with this awareness everything can be prevented/controlled).

Therefore, I was prescribed 3 types of drugs, one of them steroid injections (for just two days) and told to rest till bleeding goes completely. So yea, that’s how life goes, you never know when you can be so lucky as to be 2 out of 2000 women. But I’m glad that it all worked out well in the end, and rest is what I do best these days anyway 😃. Moral of the story, if something bothers you, get it checked, you never know what it can be. This is all folks today, be vigilant, be happy and don’t be selfish as I was and allow yourself to cry for some silly reason, just hug your husband/boyfriend/partner and hopefully it will all go away. God less!🙏