Hello everyone, Happy Friday. This week has been less calm for me than the other weeks in terms of my pregnancy. I had a scare on Friday evening. I had some bloody-watery discharge, it wasn’t a lot but gave me a lot of worry. I sent an email to my private obstetrician at 2 am as I couldn’t sleep and also googled forums to see what women are saying about this occurance- mostly it seemed that it just happens, and doesn’t mean anything. In some cares, if it is a lot, it could signify miscarriage.

My doctor luckily responded in the morning and arranged for me to see her mid-day. She was working on the NHS side that day and hardly had any space to fit me in, nor any room to have an examination. She was warmer than ever with me and we rushed into different rooms, first performing a scan to see whether the placenta was too low- it wasn’t. Then, we went to a different room (as the rooms weren’t actually free but perhaps in between appointments) and had a cervix examination. Everything turned out to be fine, so I was relieved.

She told me that if I had more than couple of watery blobs, I should contact her again and that if my blood type was negative she would have to inject some drugs to make sure I don’t miscarry. Advise was to rest and not do any strenuous activity (even swimming I was told to suspend until all clears). Overall, this was a very positive experience, I really appreciated my doctor finally being warm with me and going out of her way to see me and make sure I’m ok.

When I had similar situation with the NHS in the past, they couldn’t make a next day appointment even though I told them that it was urgent and I was worried. Only appointment they had was in couple of days, so I had to go to A& E to get myself checked out there. I waited around 1 hour to be seen luckily and after the tests were done, all was cleared. But this was before I got signed up with midwives (you sign up with midwives on NHS when you are pregnant) so I think it would actually be faster with them than normal GP appointment. When I searched forums on that matter, it seemed that patients just called the “urgent help line” for their midwive, described the symptoms and were told that it is ok, nothing to worry about, unless it was much more blood-enough to fill a panty-liner.
This is of course a slightly worrying difference between the NHS and private care, as I’m sure you would rather be over-checked than under-checked, but this is how I suppose generally private and non-private differs. So again, something to think about when choosing, which way to go. Or perhaps, if you have this situation with the NHS and are very worried, I think a good option would be to push it further and say you are very worried still, and then perhaps you will be seen. So hence, there should be a little fight for that extra care. This is also my opinion from overall NHS experience. This is all folks today, have a great rest of the week!!