Happy Monday everyone! It really was a cold week, hopefully you’re surviving and sipping on a warm hot chocolate to keep you happy. On the first of this month I started feeling the baby kicks, its quite an interesting feeling and this is when you truly realise that there is a life growing inside and you are building that bond, special relationship. You also, can’t wait to introduce this new evolvement to your partner and see the excitement on his face.

I also noticed that, when she is kicking, when my partner puts his hand on my tummy (which doesn’t happen with my hand), she actually quitens down, which is quite a funny and charming fact. So I hope you’re enjoying your kicks and studying them, as much as I do at my 22 weeks J.
Last week I have had another appointment with my private doctor in order to double check my cervix and have a scan to make sure there is no more bleeding or issues. Everything was checked and was luckily normal. Phew! She also mentioned that I am at a low risk of premature labour, which is also a nice n happy silver lining.
At this meeting, I have had some questions, which piled up since the last meeting regarding beauty treatments. I am a girly girl, and love any sort of beauty treatments, so have been roaming the internet for answers meanwhile. It gave me mixed opinion, but in the end I decided to trust my obstetrician and confirm it with a reputable beauty salon.
I have been to the famous ‘blink’ salon and did a patch test recently for eyelash extensions, which they said was ok for pregnant women. I have had same questions about normal varnish and shellac. My obstetrician confirmed that it was all fine for pregnancy and in terms of nails, I just have to be in a well ventilated salon. I usually wear a face-mask when doing nails at the salon anyway.
I also wanted to do a spray tan, but my obstetrician said it is not recommended as it is all over the skin and can enter the bloodstream. Cellulite treatments are also not recommended if they use a machine (most do). In terms of a cellulite massage, manual lymphatic drainage would be ok to sometimes do as well.
Finally, I started having slightly ‘flight/tense’ legs and blocked nose that created a general discomfort and difficulty sleeping. I have been using regular nose spray for congested nose, however my doctor said that its not recommended and I should use a ‘saline’ spray/drops. Unfortunately, saline spray hardly works for me, and she said if I must- I can do the regular spray but just once a day. In terms of tense legs, you can have a bath and massage them lightly to soothe the discomfort.
This meeting has given a new sense of relief with regards to my last post, as well as excitement that I can do some of the treatments I have been wanting to do for a while. I think overall, you should try to avoid and not risk most beauty treatments, as there is no research so far that it can affect the pregnancy, however it is good to know that you can do some of those, sometimes.
This is all folks for today. What sort of beauty treatments are you doing? How is that working out for you? I would love to know, as we all still want to be pretty, especially when we’re feeling slightly fat J by being pregnant. Ciao xxx