Happy Monday everyone! I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and time is nearing till the actual birth! I’m dreading it and trying not to think of it much, what will happen will happen. I stocked up on most of the baby items already mainly from the stuff I bought from the “Baby and Toddler Show” at Sandown Park that you will note on my instagram, I have visited recently.
Me and my partner, have been arguing about an important matter concerning our daughter, which we still haven’t agreed upon- baby names. He thinks it’s important to include both of our Last Names in our daughters name, so that it will reflect her multiple nationalities aka heritage. Although it is a nice idea, I’ve always hated my Last Name and been meaning to change it as soon as I get married. And now my knight in shining armour appears and demands my Last name to be there (as a Middle Name) with his Last Name at the end. He doesn’t want to compromise much on that, so I’m kind of lost on how we will agree on this one.
At least with first names we have come to some sort of agreement, our daughter will have one of the following names: Scarlett, Estelle, Vivienne or Celeste. It is at least one of four possibilities so the negotiation will be easier.
Do you believe that a person’s name defines their life? Or does a person define their name? I am quite concerned by this matter, so did a little research on whether a chosen name affects the personality/destiny of a child. This is what I came across:

Social scientists believe that names produce a Dorian Gray effect, influencing personality, how we’re perceived, and even physical appearance

Say your name is Rose. Social coding may direct you to act feminine, smile demurely, wear dresses, grow your hair long. This is perhaps unconsciously expected more of a woman named for a flower than an Alexandra who goes by Alex, a name that in the US is common for males and females. Alex may feel more free to bend gender stereotypes because of her name and how people see her and vice versa and she’ll likely be less floral somehow than Rose.

The researchers concluded that monikers are a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: Once a baby is named, the child may well develop into an adult who looks and acts the part.

A Business Insider article, which also bases its claims on research/studies, says that your name can affect your lifetime success, from the hireability to your spending habits. It argues that ‘simpler’, more common names are more ‘lucky’ in terms of employment in high status positions as they are easier for people to comprehend. On the other hand, uncommon names are associated with criminal behaviour.

So there are many factors to consider when thinking of a baby name.  It should be something that you would want your child to become or how you want them to be perceived and within reason. In light of the above information what I will likely do before I agree to any of the names is Google them and see if there are any famous people with that name, how they look and perhaps how their lives turned out. Do you think I’m going too far? Perhaps, but I think its best to be careful than choose a wrong name that could negatively impact my child.