Hi, my name is Lea and I’m excited to start my new blog, about the joy of motherhood, and anything connected to that. I decided to start it in order to document all I’m learning throughout my pregnancy to offer you some helpful knowledge (hopefully not just for first time mums), as well as, give you some insight into private healthcare and how it compares to the NHS. I will endeavour to blog every Monday and luckily I have time to do that at the moment, as I’m not working.

A little bit about myself, as you may have gathered I am lucky enough to live in Chelsea (due to my family) and have had a good life that many would consider ‘privileged’. I have been working in financial services most of my career, but decided to take time off for pregnancy and thereafter, depending on how things move along.

Although I’m not a mum yet, I am currently 13 weeks pregnant at 35 with my first child. It is a shame that I have waited so long to become one, but nevertheless I am very excited that it is finally happening. I am sure many of you can also relate to how difficult it can be when living in London, in terms of finding love and at the same time trying to build career. Nevertheless, I’ve finally made it, I have a beautiful fiancé, I love dearly (even writing this makes me almost teary eyed), and am finally pregnant.

I have been pondering for some time now whether to go privately or NHS with the birth. I have read numerous accounts of both experiences on the internet and also have friends who have undergone via both systems. It seems to me that with NHS it could be 50/50 experience, meaning that it could turn out to be absolutely amazing or devastating which will leave you thinking twice whether you want to have another baby. Of course, it also can be an‘ok’ experience, but those seem to be more rare.
Therefore, as I’m generally scared of a lot of things in my life (yep, I’m one of those scaredy cats afraid to live, but do it anyway), I have decided to go privately and have been saving for that pretty much since I knew I wanted to have a child. I didn’t want to rely on a man or my family (who can luckily help me), as I wanted to make sure that no matter what- I have money saved up for that specific purpose.

As I live close to Chelsea and Westminster hospital I have been finding out about which way is best to go privately: midwife led or consultant led. I have chosen consultant-led route, as I’m still not sure whether I will do natural birth or C-section and midwife led care only provides the former option.
You do have to pay the hospital (along with some other costs), separately. I have spent more than one week going to ‘meet and greet’ with different consultants and have finally met the one I like. I decided to go for a lady consultant, as I know I would feel more comfortable with that option. They are all very good, work mostly for NHS and privately and take on only few ‘private’ clients in a month, so I had to book her quite early. Therefore, I just went for the one I liked most personally and felt a connection with.

I won’t bore you with an overly endless blog, but just want to remark that it has been a pleasure and I will see you here, same place, next Monday.  In my next blog I will discuss the costs and what having a consultant means. Goodbye for now